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It is one thing to intervene for at-risk behavior.  It is another thing to prevent it in the first place!  At Hope Learning Academy we operate 6 softball teams for young ladies in our community.  These teams bring our services to families in our community in a preventative way.  These young athletes are held accountable to have great character, achieve academic excellence, and thrive in life.  This is also a mechanism to help young female athletes in our community earn scholarships to college.  Many of the elements in this approach prevent at-risk behaviors in the first place.  The California Raiders  are another way that allow us to be in the lives of families in our community to prevent at-risk behavior, intervene for behaviors as they present themselves, and support families in whatever way needed.  Unlike other travel ball organizations, a high emphasis is put on reaching undeserved people in our local area.  Young ladies who could never afford travel ball are being given the opportunity to reach for their dreams and achieve those dreams!

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