Alone Without HOPE

There are Teens in our community who are:

socioeconomically disadvantaged

have incarcerated parents

lacking a strong family unit

living in gang infested areas

lacking educational support


At Hope Learning Academy we understand that gang intervention is a complex problem and that no situation is exactly the same.  That is why we bring a team of experienced professionals together to bring the flexibility, solutions, and safety that real gang intervention demands.  We do whatever it takes to help teens at-risk for gang involvement thrive outside of the reach of the gang.

STEP 1: SAFETY: Working with experienced professionals we determine the safety of our staff, the family we are helping, and the teen.  A safety plan is put in place and parents work with our staff to begin the intervention process.

STEP 2: WHOLE APPROACH:  Our founding director, with many years of experience successfully intervening in the lives of gang members, gang prospects, victims of human trafficking, and their families, formulates a plan to bring all the necessary resources forward to execute the intervention process.

The intervention process will usually involve:

  • Potential relocation of families and at least changing the school environment of the teen

  • Coordination with rescue teams for victims of human trafficking

  •  Academic assessment and intervention leading to a high school diploma and beyond, including college attendance preparation.

  • Vocational training an resourcing

  • Parent education, coaching, accountability, and domestic intervention as necessary

  • Referral to therapeutic resources

  • Provision of basic clothing and nutritional needs

  • Extracurricular activities and sports

  • Substance abuse intervention

  • Wrapping a family of trustworthy adults, mentors, and life coaches from the community around the family and teen.


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